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The Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts is located in downtown St. Catharines where I reside so Brock University is my school of choice. Enrollment was granted on the condition of submission of my Ryerson transcripts. In order to get my transcripts I had to visit Ryerson University to pick them up. They had kept them safe for 44 years. For this first term at Brock I am engaged with Foundation Studies and Introduction to Drawing along with an English credit: "Literature of Trauma and Recovery" at the main campus.

I will be 75 when I graduate - just in time to start another career.

So why would anybody want to go back to school after retirement?  When I do the math I will  be 75 when I graduate - just in time to start another career.  Well here are ten thoughts why I resumed my education. 

  • I'm a lifelong learner
  • It's financially feasible without debt
  • I like a challenge
  • I can create a network of friends and associates
  • Most of my evenings now consist of active learning involvement
  • I can study subjects which I like and when it's most convenient
  • My transportation costs are minimal and included in the tuition fee
  • I have dental and health insurance benefits
  • I will have a degree
  • It's a means to an end in itself

Could we speculate that the option to return to school  might be one of the best kept secrets for active retirees?

On Returning to School


October 15, 2016


James Kershaw


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Jim Kershaw says

October 15, 2016

The trick to success seems to be staying on top of homework.

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