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August 6, 2016




For our elders to get the most benefit from a music presentation, I don't see how any music other than the songs they danced and sung to in youth would have much relevancy. Then again life is full of surprises and I suppose it won't be long before residents will want to hear more of Led Zeppelin and Elton John. I've heard of stories of folks who suddenly appeared alerted at the sound of a piece of music that has been particularly significant in their previous experiences. And certainly there'll be much more of that to come. I also have noted this on many occasions and I realized that recall and association are at the heart of my work. Observing the quality of life of many elders over the years with even a smile or humming along means that my efforts were not in vain. Perhaps the music even makes someone's day. I look forward to meeting everyone.

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… Jim would be an asset to any facility that had the foresight to hire his services, it would be money well spent. I highly recommend him!

Cathy Cheevers Activation Assistant Garden City Manor